Welcome to Reach Your Dream

As a child, we often had dreams that allowed our imagination to have no boundaries in what we could be or achieve in life. As we grew up, our thoughts of achieving these dreams were constantly weakened through discouragement, disappointments, distractions and lack of guidance. Over time those dreams dwindled to become just a pigment of our imagination. With no dreams, our natural and spiritual gifts became a waste due to lack of utilization and motivation.

Reach Your Dream aims to encourage achieving dreams and stirring up ones' gifts. Our organization is designed to build a person by discovering their true purpose in life. Their purpose will be discovered and their dreams will be achieved through programs that will promote positive thinking, structured planning while discovering and utilizing their gifts.

So, how can an individual find their purpose when they don't know who they are? How can an individual dream big with a narrow mentality? Reach Your Dream would like to welcome all individuals to find themselves and to broaden their minds through our organization. Watch us as we build generations of individuals one dream at a time.

Never forget to dream, and go for your dreams. Many of us get caught up in the world the way it is, and forget that if we dream, and go after our dreams we can make life the way that we want it to be. Through dreams we enter a world that is entirely our own, a world that we helped create with a vision, and with our hearts and minds. Through dreams our eyes are opened and our minds are renewed and refreshed.

Through dreams we can escape to our own paradise, because everyone's definition of paradise is slightly different. When we live a life without a dream for the future we are living a fruitless life, and in fact we are living a life without a purpose. Remember to keep what is in your heart at the top of your head as well, never forget who you really are and what you really want to achieve in life. Also follow your dreams, no matter how far out of reach they may seem, the harder you work towards them the close they will become to you."
J. Johnson