Description of RYD's programs

RYD will consist of programs which will assist youth and young adults with disadvantage backgrounds, between the ages of 6 - 22, to their career path, Our organization will consist of two base programs, which will be Imagine-Me (I-Me) and Diamonds In The Rough.

RYD has sports programs which promotes spiritual awareness, self confidence, and innovative thinking for future generations in various communities throughout the world through sports.

I-Me sports program operates in the local community. It uses sports as a tool to mentor and motivate local youth. I-Me has numerous youth and young adult basketball teams that play in community, church, and Amatuer Athletic Union (AAU) leagues. This program also interact with local sports association throughout the community such as Amatuer Athletic Union (AAU), Christian Athletic Associastion (CAA), and Memphis Athletic Ministries (MAM Sports). We also assist with having a night and day basketball camp for local youth in the community.

Diamonds In The Rough (DITR) program operates on the international level. DITR will give some youth opportunities in life that may not be available in their community or native country. The program will, also, provide the proper attention and nurturing that will allow the candidates a chance to take advantage of the gift that God has given them, spiritually, academically, and athletically. This program will be a big motivation for youth who have limited educational and athletic resources.

DITR works with various local NGOs, individuals, National Federations, and Government entities that operate in the target countries to carry out the RYD's objectives. This will be carried out through basketball camps, collaborating with the National Federations to improve sports infrasture, and having coaching clinics in the target countries. DITR is now in process with working with the National Basketball Federation in Haiti. RYD Chairman, Gerald Hamilton, is primary contact that will be collaborating as anInternational consultant to the National Basketball Federation in Haiti.

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